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The future depends onwhat you do in the present.
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About Me

I am an experienced individual, couple and family therapist.  I became a therapist many years ago, after leaving a successful business career, to pursue work that increases meaning in my own life.  It brings me joy to help others increase self-awareness, resolve conflict in their lives, and expand their sense of wellness.  Psychotherapy makes me happy and it’s my goal to help you be happier too.

I take a holistic approach to making meaning of our existence that attends to self-concept, human potential, values, spirituality, health, hope, love, creativity, freedom, joy, loss, individuality and connectedness.  I believe that people are inherently good. 

I love working with couples, as well as with individuals.  I believe that seeking and maintaining connection with significant others is essential for us throughout our lives.  The quality of our connection in our closest relationships, which also includes our relationship with one's self, is at the essence of our well-being.  Secure connection is a sign of health and fosters self-confidence and the base from which to explore our individuality.  In my work with couples and individuals, I help to restore secure bonds and increase the accessibility and responsiveness between partners, between parents and children, and within oneself.
The way I work to help clients improve the quality of their connections is through experiential and systemic therapeutic methods.  Experiential therapy is not simply “talk therapy” but, rather, clients are helped to engage in visceral experiences during the session that create the possibility for new, expanded responses.  Systemic approaches unearth and help to restructure and improve interactional patterns that recur in relationship to oneself and others. 

I have a large toolkit to draw upon when working with you to assess and meet your needs. 
With formal training in holistic psychological theories and advanced training in couple and family therapy, I rely heavily on up-to-date evidence-based modalities including Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), Internal Family Systems, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and mindfulness practices.  You are the expert on you; I will help by providing a safe and encouraging environment, and the respectful guidance that will help you resolve your difficulties and achieve your goals.